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  • Father Pandor Dumas

    Prelate of [[Corvis]] and pillar of the community, Father Pandor Dumas' shame is that his wife's own sister was executed as a witch a decade ago. With his wife now dead as well, Father Dumas cares for his niece Alexia by himself. The community likes …

  • Ulfass Borloch

    Magistrate Borloch is a powerful man. Only Mayor Mayhew Leighton wields more power in [[Corvis | Corvis]]. 15 or so years ago he was a junior city official, but ambition and talent has taken him far. The witch trials cemented his power in Corvis.

  • Alexia Ciannor

    [[:father-pandor-dumas | Father Pandor Dumas]] has raised Alexia over the last 9 years since the death of her mother at the conclusion of the Witch Trials. [[Oberen Family | The Oberen Family]] have uncovered her devious plans to raise the bodies of …

  • Julian Helstrom

    Captain Helstrom is a respected officer in the watch, and his name is well known among merchants and criminals alike. Many years ago Helstrom was a colonel in the king's army, but Raelthorne the Elder's cruelty and dishonorable actions forced Helstrom to …

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