Temple of the Incomplete Axiom


The Cyriss temple is 25 leagues from Corvis. Five leagues up the Black River, one turns east into a nameless slime-choked bayou. Then it’s another 20 leagues or so, stopping when you come to the second of two small lakes. From the southern shore of the lake, the temple is a one-league march through the swamp.

What the Party Knows

  • Temple is dedicated to Cyriss – also know as the Maiden of Gears and the Clockwork Goddess
  • Intentionally hidden in the swamps north of Corvis.
  • Temple is said to be some sort of huge machine, possibly capable of bring the dead back to life.
  • Doors only open every 13 years.
  • A professor at the Corvis University believes that date will happen within 2-7 days of the current date.
  • A ragged, homeless man named Madrin claims to have visited the temple when its doors opened last. When his party arrived at the temple, Madrin’s nerve failed and he fled. His companions continued on, but they never returned. Madrin has been hitting the bottle ever since.

Temple of the Incomplete Axiom

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