Trollkin largely live in the traditional communities of kriels centered on villages far from human civilization. Until recently the trollkin were a scattered people, living in much the same way as they have for centuries, but recent warfare and displacement have shattered their lives. Some leaders among them have begun to foment radical ideas, and previously peaceful trollkin communities are uniting in lvar against all those who would oppress them.

Although believed to be fewer overall than ogrun, the trollkin are a more common sight in human cities. They are particularly valued in industries. that depend on freight or heavy labor, although their size and strength can also be intimidating. In most cases, they work for lower wages than human workers and may face other difficulties as they are often treated as lower-class citizens.

The majority of trollkin live in eastern Cygnar, although a great number are also found in the ranks of Lord Toruk’s armies in Cryx and the Scharde Islands. There are some found in the other kingdoms, but in substantially fewer numbers. They are rarest by far in the Protectorate of Menoth, which has little tolerance for races other than humanity. Like the gobbers and ogrun, the trollkin have had an uneasy relationship with humanity for most of recorded history, considered unthinking monsters until the last few centuries.

Some kriels have transplanted in entirety and live as communities among the populations of major cities. These urban kriels face trouble adjusting from their traditional lifestyle, and many of their youth begun to give up the old ways in favor of human culture


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