Amon / Barak Kutsov

Allegiant Order of the Fist / Cutthroat


Name: Amon/Barak
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Archetype: Mighty
Careers: Allegiant/ Cutthroat
Faith: Menite
Level: Hero

Main Stats:
Arm: 14

PHY: 7
AGI: 3
Int: 3

Assassin’s Blade Mat:4 Damage: 8
Trench Knife Mat 5/4 Damage: 6
Throwing Axe Mat 5 Damage 7

Throwing Axe (1) Rng:6 Rat: 5 Pow:7
Grenade (Explode) (2) Rng:8 Rat:5 Pow:12
Grenade (Smoke) (2) Rng:8 Rat:5


Amon was born Barak Kutsov. His mother was Cygnarian named Wren and his father was a Khadorian named Michka. They live together happily in woods many miles away from the nearest Khadorian city. His father was a merchant and part time mercenary. His father would be gone days on end while his mother took care of him. He would sometimes be visited by his Aunt Rosaleen and she would tell him tales of Colonel Bairn Oberen Senior. Life was good for the boy until age 4. One night while he awoke to smoke, screams, and fire as the house was burning. His mother burst through the door and picked Barak and then dove through the window. The rest of that night was a blur with only two things her could remember. First, his father fighting off two men and seeing one man’s blade plunge deep into his father’s stomach. The second was the feeling of a cold wet liquid on his mothers back as two arrows protruded from it. When he awoke the next day his mother was dead and he was lost. He spent the next several hours next to his mother crying and pleading with her to wake.

He was eventually found by a wondering cutthroat named Ruskin. As the cutthroat was searching through Wren pockets, the boy manage to grab one of Ruskin’s daggers and tried to fight off the thief. Ruskin easily trounce the boy but with each beating the boy got back up. This impressed Ruskin, so much as the kid could be useful to pick pockets or be a nasty surprise to any of his enemies. Also seeing the mother had nothing on her, killing the boy would bring him no profit. So with a silvery tongue, he convinced the boy his mother was dead and they should give her proper rites. After doing so they both set off with Barak’s childhood dying in those woods.

Barak spent three years with Ruskin, learning a few tricks of his trade. They made a good team, with Ruskin attacking targets while Barak would sneak behind and cause enough of a distraction to allow Ruskin to get the item he wanted by any means. One day during they both noticed a man walking down the street with Monk robes with a gold chain underneath. Having found a target, Barak ran to an ally just ahead of the man and began to cry. The monk went to investigate, and once inside the ally Ruskin dropped down to kill the monk. The monk grabbed Ruskin arm mid-slash and broke it. Barak, seeing Ruskin in trouble, lunged at the monk with a dagger he had hidden under his shirt. The monk, while still holding on to Ruskin, spin on his heel and used his leg’s reach to kick Barak, slamming his head into a wall and knocking him out.

Barak awoke some time later to the screams of Ruskin, what he saw was Ruskin being put to the flame by a sculptor. He could only watch in horror as Ruskin died. The sculptor then turned to him and said, “Since you are still young, there is much work you can do in Menoth’s name.”Barak was then flogged by the monk he had try to rob. The monk he would find out later was a Allegiant of the Order of the Fist.

Barak had already seen too much pain and suffering for a boy his age and broke. He stared at the smolders that were Ruskin and did not feel the pain of the flogging. Seeing how the boy endured the Allegiant ask the sculptor to allow him to take the boy and train him so that the boy could make amends to Menoth through service as an Allegiant. The sculptor allowed this and the boy became a Allegiant. Most of the boy’s training for the next 20 years were a blur. The only part of his training that sticks in his mind is what the man said to him on his first day. “I will break you and the fires of Menoth shall cleanse you, and then I will forge you using Menoth’s flame into a tool for his use. From this day forward you name is Amon!” And so the man did.

He spent five more years as a Allegiant devoted to Menoth and performing services in his name. One cold winter night the temple where he worked was attacked. The order of the fist fought valiantly but the attackers were too many and had two many guns. During the fight and explosion occurred and he was buried under debris. If took him two days to wake and climb out of the debris. What he found broke him again. He saw all the men he called brothers dead and the temple of Menoth destroyed. He would have been lost that day had he not found on the ground two things that he still has today. A chain with the symbol of Menoth on it and a chain of his distant families crest. Recognizing it as his distant relatives, he took it as a sign Menoth had more work for him to do and he should find his relatives. He journeyed for many months before he was able to track down his family to the steelheads mercenary group. He then joined the group to serve Menoth’s wish and to one day save enough money to rebuild his temple to Menoth.

Amon / Barak Kutsov

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