cygnar.pngCygnar is arguably the most advanced and influential of the Iron Kingdoms. Its capital is Caspia, located at the southern end of the Black River. It is also the home to Corvis, City of Ghosts and birthplace of the Corvis Treaties. It serves as a critical trade nexus, particularly for riverboats. Other major cities include northwestern Ceryl—second only to Caspia in size and influence, southern Mercir, and centralized Fharin.

Cygnar is a generally lawful land led by the good King Leto Raelthorne. It is a wealthy kingdom with a strong military, and it is famed for its skilled wizards and engineers. Steam engines have brought an age of machine power to Cygnar, whether in the form of steamjacks laboring at the docks and fighting on the field of war, rumbling trains carting supplies across the miles at record speeds, or the dozens of steamships traversing up and down its rivers. The faith of Morrow is very pervasive and is the state religion of Cygnar, centered in the Sancteum inside Caspia, the nation’s capital.

Regions and Cities

Duchy of the Eastern Midlunds

The Duchy of the Eastern Midlunds is a narrow strip of land along Cygnar’s eastern interior that is bordered on all sides by the other Midlunds duchies. Both the northern and southern limits of the duchy were arbitrarily delineated by specific farms and streams.

While it is the smallest of the Midlunds, the duchy includes vast and sweeping farmlands absolutely vital to Cygnar’s food supply. The countryside is dotted by countless small towns and villages dedicated to agriculture and ranching, and the farms of the region are efficiently run, with the largest holdings supported by dedicated laborjacks. The western extreme of the duchy extends into the mountains and includes numerous small but profitable mines, as well as smaller hill and mountain communities.

Oberen Estate

The Oberen Family estate sits in this region, not far outside of the city of Fharin.


Fharin is a major trade hub at the center of several busy roadways and an important stop on the northern rail line to Bainsmarket. It is a compact city at the base of the Upper Wyrmwall Mountains, which dominate the western skyline, while tracts of fertile farmland lay to the east of it. Its houses are primarily made of red brick under black or red tiled pitched roofs and feature windows and balconies set in depressed arches. Unfortunately, the view of the mountains is often obscured by a thick haze caused by the choking smoke and strange vapors pouring from the city’s engines, foundries, and alchemy shops at all hours, or from the rainbow-hued oils of peculiar odor spilling into the city’s litter-strewn gutters.

Despite the haze, the residents generally appear in good spirits. Fharin is a city of motion filled with churning wheels from cargo-laden wagons to the Caspian Rail’s great engines. Fharin is famed across Cygnar for its markets and great deals can be had by those who know how to haggle. Alchemy in particular is a well established industry in Fharin. Ready access to supplies from across the kingdom encourages this work, as do lenient local laws.


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