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The Oberens were a very well-known and highly respected Cygnaran military family. For multiple generations the Oberens were found as well respected soldiers and officers. The Oberens are almost always found in the second army, 12th division, 35th Brigade, 155th Regiment; which has also been referred to as “Bairn’s Boys” for almost the last 40 years after Colonel Bairn Oberen Senior. Bairn Sr. Was the most highly decorated officer in the Oberen family to date and died in duty leaving behind his wife Islene and two sons; Bairn Jr., and Kaede.

Bairn Sr. had a younger brother named Dextrel who was an accomplished swordsman but also prone to the drink, which hampered his military career. While still serving in the military Dextrel met a woman named Rosaleen and married her the year before he finished his first and last tour of duty. Within a year he fathered a son named Charles and the year after that Fabian was born; unfortunately the birth of her second son had complications and Rosaleen died shortly after the birth. Three years pass with both Charles and Fabian spending much of their time at the family estate with Islene who becomes almost a mother to them. Kaede and Bairn Jr. become very fond of their cousins and Kaede became especially protective of the younger cousins.

The following year held many things in store for the Oberen estate most importantly the news that Bairn Sr. had been killed in the line of duty. After the funeral Dextrel moved into the family estate to help Islene manage it and the children. This same year is the year Bairn Jr. formally joined the Cygnarian military to follow in his father’s footsteps.

After Bairn left the estate took a turn for the worse along with Islene’s health, it seemed that she had been struck by a wasting sickness the doctors couldn’t stop and within 6 months she was dead. This is when things at the Oberen estate truly became horrible. Dextrel’s drinking and gambling begin to increase exponentially over the next several years and Kaede was old enough at that time to realize what was happening and began hanging out with people that some might label as “unsavory”.

While all this had been happening Bairn had been thriving within the military and had even met a woman and had fallen in love. As his first tour ends he marries the love of his life, Dara, and is also offered an officers position if he joins for a second tour of duty. Bairn does notice many problems with the estate and does his best to help fix them when he is around along with helping his brother and cousins. He argues with Drextrel about his drinking and gambling but is in no position to do anything to stop it.

The following year Bairn is called home from duty by Kaede with horrible news, Dara had been killed in a horrible accident. After the funeral Kaede confided in Bairn that he believed it hadn’t been an accident at all and was in fact the result of their uncle’s gambling habit and his inability to pay off those debts that had caused Dara’s death. Bairn, grief-stricken, accused Drextrel to his face and to the law. When told by the local authorities that there was nothing to be done Bairn cut off his uncle as best he could and left to rejoin his regiment.

Within the next several months the estate was lost by Dextrel and days later he was found dead at the hands of a local thug. Even though Dextrel was dead Bairn found few reasons to visit, being completely committed to his career at this point; this is not to say he didn’t care for his family, he sent letters and the majority of his wages to support his brother and younger cousins until they could pay their own way.

At the age of 16 both Charles and Fabian joined the Cygnarian military while Kaede joined a mercenary group known as the Steelheads sometime after they had left. About 6 months after finishing his 3rd tour with the Cygnarian military Kaede asked to visit with Bairn and discuss the possibility of him joining the mercenary group as well. Shortly after Bairn joined their cousins finished their tour of duty and were recruited by Kaede against Bairn’s better judgment. They were both slightly surprised at Fabian’s wife and the fact that a Iosan would be joining their group. This will be the first time meeting and working with Barak, a distant cousin by marriage who was raised in Khador.

Oberen Family

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